Cosmic Flavours continues to innovate new and exciting tasty Vape flavours. Ours flavours are expertly formulated by experienced flavourists who understand the e-liquid industry and are fully on top of the TPD and any new changes that may come into practice.

Cosmic is happy to work with clients to create new flavours as well as offer an off the shelf range which are already tried, tested and great tasting.

The types of flavours we can offer are:

- Bakery

- Beverages

- Cereals

- Confectionery

- Chocolate

- Desserts

- Fruit

- Herbs & Spices (Vanilla)

- Menthols

- Sweet & Sugar

As well as offering a great range of vape flavours, Cosmic also offers a range of eliquid enhancers, which boosts flavours in different ways:

Alcohol Boost, brings out any boozy notes within the flavour

Dairy, perfect to increase creamy Ice Cream/Milkshake flavours

Galactico, a popular sweetener for boosting all types of flavour

Jamify, when added to fruits turns them Jamy

– Nebula, gives a cool tingling affect on your tongue

With hundreds of flavours already formulated for e-liquids, we look forward to working with you to “Discover A New World Of Taste”.

Please contact one of the sales team for samples and pricing or use the sample request form.