Cosmic Flavours is proud to be supplying flavours into Nutrition industries. We’re pleased to be able to offer a growing range of Natural and Non-natural flavours for all types of nutrition products including Bars, Beverages, Gels, Whey Powders and Yoghurts. 

We understand how hard athletes work to achieve their goals, we strive to ensure their journey tastes great. 

For the healthy conscious consumer our range of Natural flavours gives them the confidence in your product and for the price orientated consumer we’re able to be competitive with our non-natural range. With access to spray drying technology our flavours can be purchased in Liquid or Powder format.

- Bakery

- Beverages

- Cereals

- Confectionery

- Chocolate

- Desserts

- Fruit

- Herbs & Spices (Vanilla)

- Menthols

- Sweet & Sugar

Powdered Flavours


Powdered flavours will either be spray-dried or a plated powder. A plated powder is produced through a cold blending process by mixing the flavour with the powder carrier(s).


A spray-dried flavour is produced by spray drying the flavour on a carrier matrix of maltodextrin an instant gum producing a high quality encapsulated flavour with better stability and shelf life. 


Liquid Flavours 


Liquid flavours are formulated using either Natural or Non-natural high impact aroma ingredients and essential oils. Depending on the application of your product will determine which liquid carrier is used to suit your requirement.


Cosmic’s flavourists are continuously innovating new and exciting flavours to make your products stand out against the competition. 


Please contact our sales team to discuss how we can elevate your products and to help “Discover A New World Of Taste”.