Cosmic Candy Black Jack - 250ML Cosmi Fill


Black Jack candy style flavour an aniseed favourite.

Our 250ML Cosmi Fills have been perfectly designed to give you the best tasting vape flavours at an excellent price. All Cosmi Fills are pre-filled with 50ML (20%) of the finest PG based flavour concentrates available, created right here at Cosmic Flavours. All you have to do is add your VG, PG and Nicotine to your required ratio and strength, then let steep. The longer it steeps the more flavoursome your vape will be.

Want your Cosmi Fill to be Sweeter or Cooling? Why not add a few drops of our Vape Enhancers.

Steep: 2-3 days

Cosmic Flavours already supplies UK e-liquid manufacturers and we want to offer consumers the same opportunity to get their hands on the best flavours available.

All our flavours are PG based and can be used by themselves or mixed together to create your own individual unique e-liquid flavour.

The strength of the flavour depends on your required taste. We wouldn't recommend the flavouring to be any less than 15% of your overall vape e-liquid. In most cases adding nicotine will boost your flavour and ensuring your e-mix is steeped well will always help.

Using vape enhancers will boost your e-liquid creating the flavour to stay in your mount for longer. Adding our Nebula Cooling enhancer will give your tongue a tingly effect without adding any menthol notes. Our Nebula Sweetener enhancer will create your mouth to salivate, giving you a full flavour experience. We recommend you try adding flavours and enhancers together at different levels to find your perfect vaping strength.

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