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Yes we do. Please make sure that you place your order by 12pm Monday to Friday. Please check our Delivery Policy for more information.
Yes you can. We use PayPal to process our payments and you do not need an account to make a card payment through PayPal. It's as simple as paying online at any other shop. Just follow the instructions when at checkout.
To know all about our refund process please read our Refund Policy carefully.
Postage information can be found during the checkout process. For a more detailed look at our different postage rates please read our Delivery Policy.
We work with a number of E-Liquid Manufacturers and we would be delighted to help with your query. Either fill in the contact form found on our Wholesale and Large Volume page or drop us an email at
We work with a number of Wholesalers at present and we would be delighted to help with your query. Either fill in the contact form found on our Wholesale and Large Volume or drop us an email at
Yes. We currently deliver to a number of European countries. Please read our Delivery Policy for more information. As you go through the checkout you will be able to view which countries we currently delivery to.
Some of our flavours are very strong so to reduce clouding in your E-Liquid you may want to use a smaller flavour dosage. Please also note that some flavours are not as soluble when mixed with VG. One way to prevent this is by ensuring your VG is warm.

Some flavours may need boosting to your required strength. You can do this using Galactico sweetener which would make your mouth salivate creating a longer lasting taste.

Our Nebula cooling enhancer will give a tingling affect in your mouth which will also give you a longer lasting taste.

All of our flavours except Desserts and Dairy we recommend to steep for roughly 10-14 days. Desserts and Dairy should be steeped for roughly 3-4 weeks. The longer you leave your E-Liquid to steep the more the flavour is enhanced.

If you wish to speed up the steeping process keep E-Liquids in a warm place between 25 to 30 degrees but out of direct sunlight.
We recommend using our flavours between 15% and 20% in volume. Initially we would say start at 20% and if the taste is too strong we would suggest diluting it down to your preference.
Yes. All our flavours are inline with current TPD regulations. We use only approved ingredients and supplies and we are consistently monitoring regulations for E-Cigarettes.

In normal circumstances and storage method the flavour yous should expect a shelf life of 12 months. We would advise that you store the flavour at room temperature out of direct sunlight.

Please make sure that all flavours are stored away from children and pets.
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