Cosmic has a growing range of Fishing Bait flavours designed to aid anglers in catching their perfect carp. Carp are attracted to a wide range of Flavours formulated with specific ingredients.

Depending on your application we can supply flavours on a range of different carriers. Our flavours are bake stable for Boilies, water soluble for glugs and contain good quality ingredients which do not damage the environment.

Please find below a range of flavour types we are able to offer:

– Bakery

– Beverages

– Cereals

– Confectionery

– Chocolate

– Desserts

– Fish

– Fruit

– Herbs & Spices (Vanilla)

– Meat

– Menthols

– Sweet & Sugar

We understand that a small volume of flavour goes a long way, which is why we have a very small MOQ while being able to supply large volumes with short lead times.

We look forward to hearing from you and helping Carp “Discover A New World Of Taste”