Our flavours are available in a wide range of varieties designed for use in bakery goods, confectionery goods, beverages, dairy products, culinary products and frozen products. We continually innovate new and exciting flavours keeping up with public taste.

We have already developed 1000’s of dairy flavours which can be quickly sampled out. With such a vast range of flavours available we can offer, below is a list of the types of flavours already available.

– Berry Fruit

– Brown & Cream

– Citrus Fruit

– Chocolate

– Cocktail Drinks

– Confectionery Sweets


– Floral

– Nut (Nut Free)

– Tree & Vine Fruit

– Tropical Fruit

– Vanilla

All our flavours can supplied as Natural or Non-natural depending on your product specification.

We are more than happy to arrange samples, please contact the sales team or complete the sample request form.

We look forward to helping you “Discover A New World Of Taste”.