Confectionery Flavours

Cosmic Flavours are proud to offer a great range of tasty Confectionery flavours. The confectionery industry is led by continuous market innovation and fast changing consumer demand.

We offer a wide range of fruit, mint, tropical fruit and sugary flavours to suit a wide range of sweet-toothed palettes. As the consumer is becoming more aware of sugar levels in food and beverages, our flavours will ensure your products taste great no matter the sugar.

Cosmic can supply either Natural or Non-natural flavours depending on your product requirement and price point.

Please find below a range of the types of flavours we offer:

- Bakery

- Beverages

- Cereals

- Confectionery

- Chocolate

- Desserts

- Fruit

- Herbs & Spices (Vanilla)

- Menthols

- Sweet & Sugar

There really is no limit to the flavours available. If you would like to see and a sample please contact one of the sales team or use the sample request form.

We look forward to working with you to help you “Discover A New World Of Taste”.