CBD Flavours

With CBD being such a new product in the industry, Cosmic has teamed up with a CBD expert who has helped us develop a range of MCT/Oil soluble flavours which have been design specifically for the use in CBD products. As the industry becomes established we are expecting to see new regulations and processes which need to be implemented to be able retail CBD products. Cosmic works closely with our expert to ensure we are on top of any changes to continue to offer great tasting flavours.

Our CBD range are Natural, Punchy and will transform your products to above the competition. Below gives an idea of the different types of flavours Cosmic has already developed

- Bakery

- Beverages

- Cereals

- Confectionery

- Chocolate

- Desserts

- Fruit

- Herbs & Spices (Vanilla)

- Menthols

- Sweet & Sugar

If you would like to request a flavour sample please contact one of the sales team or use the sample request form.

We look forward to working with and helping you “Discover A New World Of Taste”.