Our flavours are a nice fit for beverage applications. From sweet and fruity to the taste of alcoholic and soft drinks we are able to offer a wide range of flavours to suit your requirements. Suitable for still, sparkling, hot, cold, carbonised and alcoholic products.



Our baked goods flavours are bake stable and are the perfect match for your application. With a growing range of flavours to choose from, we’re confident you’ll discover your new taste.



Cosmic foodstuffs flavours will enhance your confectionery range. Suitable for hard boiled, gum jellies and chocolate. Our flavours can be used in conjunction with each other to help you discover your unique taste. 



Our expert formulators have 50+ years experience formulating flavours for a multiple of applications. Cosmic Vape flavours are inline with current TPD regulations and are designed with safety and taste in mind. VG soluble, backed by documents and tasting great.



We have Bait specific flavours which we know will help you catch that perfect carp. Our tried and tested formulations not only attract great fish they allow you to maximise your fishing experience.